By the time students enter into 2nd grade, they have been introduced to many fundamental teaching including counting numbers, identifying objects and colors, manipulating numbers with fractions and decimals, and of course reading.  In 2nd grade, we continue to have a heavy emphasis on reading and math.  In reading, we focus on vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and phonemic skill.  In math, we introduce double digit addition with regrouping.  Anytime we can introduce our 7-Habits into our subject or have moments to apply real world connections, we are also continuing to nurture good leadership and social skills.

A Scope of Second Grade at Parris South

2nd grade is a year of accelerated learning. 2nd grade is the last year of the primary grades, and marks the beginning of the transition from learning to read to the main purpose of reading, which is reading to learn. 2nd graders become more independent and able to think critically and problem solve effectively. 


students listening to their teacher in the classroom

The Second Grade Experience

Second grade at Parris South is a great year to experience for our students.  On Mondays, “jobs” are selected by the students.  On each day before lunch, we recite the class mission statement.  We also honor our Leader of the Week by selecting a student who exhibits the 7-Habits on a daily basis.  Our Spelling, Reading, and Math tests are on every Friday and Weekly Calendars are sent home on Mondays.

Expectations in 2nd Grade

We have four core expectations of students in second grade from leadership, responsibility, social and academic.  The Leader in Me (LIM) program is a significant part of our culture at Parris South and we expect for each and every student to excel in it.  We desire for students to exhibit the 7-Habits during daily routines including being proactive and responsible for their actions and choices.  We teach our students to be accountable for classroom jobs and turning in all work with their credentials (name, date, and student number).  Students are expected to treat their peers with respect and encourage others to be the best they can.  Finally, we expect students to strive toward doing the best they can in all components of the class.

student raising his hand to ask a question

Parent Involvement

There are two weekly routines we ask parents to fulfill.  We ask parents to review the yellow folder that is sent home daily for homework and information regarding their child.  We also have a weekly folder sent home on Fridays that encompasses the weekly work performed by their child.  We believe it is important to not only review how the child did, but to have conversations with them regarding their week at school, especially in their academics.