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The way our building is set up, 3rd grade is like a whole new world both figuratively and literally. Students transition to a “new to them” part of the building, begin switching classes, and regularly engage in challenging content. Third grade completes the transition of reading to learn. Most students have acquired the skills needed to decode and read text. Now, the focus is primarily on understanding more complex texts, by making connections to develop their thinking. 

Third grade also is the year students learn multiplication and division, form a basic understanding of fractions, and develop more complex number sense. 

3rd grade teachers are here to help your child through the challenge that is 3rd grade. 



It is the first year that students begin to swap classes, which is always looked forward to by the students.   Students will have the opportunity to visit Discovery Park in Union City, Tennessee.  We will also take a Helen Keller Field Trip to Green Ivy, and also have Farm Day.  Each year, we also continue to nurture good community habits by cleaning up the school community, creating nursing home holiday cards, and creating cards for our Veterans.

Parent Involvement

Parents can help their child every night by helping them learn spelling words, vocabulary words, fluency, and other homework assignments.

students raising their hand to answer question