The goals for fourth grade students include demonstrating increased responsibility , time management, setting SMART goals, and beginning to take ownership of their own learning. 4th graders can solve problems and think critically in all academic subjects. Our 4th grade teachers will help students engage in activities that help them develop these skills, and prepare for 5th grade and beyond.



Assignments – Assignments are due the day after they have been assigned unless otherwise stated. Students have time to work on assignments in class to prevent excessive amounts of homework. Five points are deducted every day an assignment is not turned in on time.

Homework – Homework may be assigned throughout the week. It is expected to be completed and ready to turn in on the day it is due. All homework should be placed in front pocket of their folder.

Make-Up Work Policy: If a student is absent, he/she will be held accountable for coming to their teacher and getting the missed work. Students have one day for each day they missed to complete the make-up work. It is their responsibility to turn in all make-up work on time.

Graded Papers – Every Tuesday your child will come home with graded papers from the previous week in their folder. Please be sure to look at his or her grades and then sign the Weekly Progress form. The child must bring the form back to school the next day signed by the parent/legal guardian.

students learning in the classroom


We have four main events each year in fourth grade:

  • Best Christmas Pageant Ever Play
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Chocolate Day
  • Shiloh/ TN River Museum
  • Horse Creek Wildlife Refuge

We have two service projects each year in fourth grade:

  • Collect toys for Carl Perkins Center at Christmas
  • Collect supplies for Animal Shelter in February

Parent Involvement

We strongly encourage parents to be involved in their child’s academic success.  Weekly routines include reviewing graded papers we send home each Tuesday, helping their children with homework and extra credit projects, and to attend special events.

student studying diligently

4th Grade Academic Experience

Reading – Each week we will follow the same general plan. Each Monday students will be assigned a new story. With every story students will have new vocabulary words and new amazing words that we will focus on all week. Students will have a Reading and Vocabulary skill that will be introduced and focused on throughout the week. On Friday, they will be tested on the vocabulary and reading skills. After every five stories we will review all the skills and take a Unit test over those skills.

Spelling – A new unit will be introduced each Monday. The words will be used and worked with throughout the week. Each child needs to study for the spelling test. The spelling test will be over the 20 Basic words every Friday with 5 bonus words from the Challenge Word section. Students also need to practice their cursive handwriting with their spelling words.

Language – Grammar skills will be taught weekly. Tests will be given at the end of each unit.

Math – We will have a new math lesson just about every day. St the end of the lesson, we will have a practice sheet. I believe it is important for your child to practice the new skill in order to master the skill. Students will also be keeping a math journal to help with the new skills being learned. Out math book has 16 different topics or subjects. At the end of each topic, they will be tested to show understanding of the lessons from that particular topic.

Science – There are three units in our Science curriculum this year. We will be teaching Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Students will be participating in science experiments and writing in their Science journal. Test will be given as needed.

Social Studies – Our Social Studies curriculum teaches about what was going on in Tennessee and in the world at the same time. They will be learning about Native Americans, explorers, the American Revolution, our government, and events that lead to the Civil War.