The “Big Bulldogs” on campus, 5th graders are preparing to graduate and move on to middle school. Content in this grade advances on the concepts students have learned throughout elementary school. 5th graders are given a greater sense of independence and have opportunities to model leadership for the rest of the student body. Our 5th grade teachers will make sure each child is ready for the big changes that await them as they move into middle and high school. 


Students can have leadership jobs within his or her classroom, as well as responsibilities in the school. Fifth graders can serve as teachers’ assistants, flag raisers, or office helpers. We encourage each child in a direction of his or her choice.

  • Annual Science Fair
  • STEM Activities for Science
  • Poetry Readings- (Read-A-Latte) students read poems while having warm drinks
  • 5th grade is also the first experience students have with playing basketball for their school (girls and boys).

Service Projects

Our service project is “Hot Chocolate Stand” held each December. 5th grade students make posters to advertise the event and serve hot chocolate to all students and teachers in the building. All profits go to the Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center.

Parent Involvement

Parents can ask daily about what their children are discussing in class. Students should show parents their graded work. Each 5th grader has a personal and academic goal they are working toward. Please ask your child how they are working toward their goal.

student raising her hand