The Foundation

Kindergarten is the beginning. This is the place where children get to become “big kids” and find out how fun learning can be. Students will learn to read and write, begin the process of understand Math, and learn about the world through Social Studies and hands-on science. Our kindergarten teachers will care for your little ones as their own and help them grow as little people who will grow up to be great leaders.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum covers all age appropriate subjects with a heavy dose of reading and math.

  • Learn to Identify Number of Objects
  • Learn Less Than, Greater Than, and Equal To
  • Count orally from 0 to 100
  • Count to 100 by ones and by tens (foundation of multiplication)
  • Write numbers from 0 to 20
  • Classify Objects by Color
  • Classify Objects by Shape
  • Classify Objects by Size
  • Recognize and match number words to the number it represents.
  • Begin to Add and Subtract
  • Learn 2-D and 3-D Shapes
  • Learn Relative Positions (Above, Below, Beside, Behind, etc.)
  • Join shapes to make new shapes
  • Learn lines and angles
  • Begin to measure.
  • Begin to learn place values (continued through 5thgrade)


We expect that students entering into Kindergarten can recognize and spell their first name, be able to memorize their lunch number throughout the school year, and be independent for their own personal bathroom needs including buttoning and zipping their clothing.

teacher reading a book to the students in the classroom

Fun Activities and Service Projects

Students attend daily activities including Library, Physical Education, Guidance, Computer Lab, and Music.  Each year we also choose two community projects to participate in depending on the needs of the community.

Parent Involvement

We expect parents to be actively involved in their child’s Kindergarten experience. Parents can check their folder nightly, assist with homework, review daily classwork, and reading to them.